What is a Postpartum Doula?

Increase your Confidence, Gain New Skills

New Moms can benefit from a postpartum doula like Beth Shelton Hayes.

New Moms can benefit from a postpartum doula like Beth Shelton.

Homecoming Postpartum Services provides you with a Postpartum Doula who gives the best support for the mother of a newborn in the areas where she needs it most.  A Postpartum Doula mothers the mother after the baby is born.  Homecoming Postpartum Doula services are provided by trained and certified professionals whose goals are to ease the tensions created by the transition of the family to life with a newborn.

Homecoming Postpartum Services offers a variety of evidenced based, non-medical, support to new mothers.  Among these are baby care techniques, breastfeeding support and education, emotional support, nutritional and physical support, and the often rare opportunity to take a long relaxing shower.

We do not take over care of the newborn.  Instead, it is our job to guide and instruct the new parents to increase their confidence and parenting skills.  We work ourselves out of a job while making you better at yours.

Enlisting the help of a postpartum doula offers:

  • Help and support with breastfeeding
  • Less occurrence of postpartum depression
  • Decreased feelings of isolation
  • Increased confidence and competence